White Granite Countertops – 3 Reasons They Never Go Out of Style

Unlike black granite, white granite countertops are commonly referred as a feminine shade. Its light and soft shade represents the feminine side. It is highly noted that between man and a woman, the woman is more likely the tidy and soft entity when it comes to organization.

White granite has been around for years and here’s how they never go out style:

1. It represents wide space: if you find yourself cramped in a small kitchen, you may want to remodel this using white countertops. White can give you a spacious and airy look. Make sure that when you install it, you don’t leave any small space uncovered. Keep a smooth flow of granite up to the smallest corner of your countertop.

2. Clean and bright looking: The light color of white granite enhances bright color inside the room. White granite that is reflected by the bright light can enhance the lighting inside the room thus leaving all corners well lit and seen. White also represents clean and uncluttered countertop.

3. Soft and quiet color: Unlike black granite, you can’t actually say white is a solid color. Its soft and quiet color can give a serene ambiance inside the room, as well as giving it an open free flowing feeling of sunlit space. The unending trendiness of the white shade proves that its shade has always been a trend and style capable of being combined to other colors.

Although stylish, white granite countertops also serve the disadvantage of evident stains. Make sure you know the basics in taking care of your granite countertops to be able to provide immediate solutions in protecting your countertop. Number one rule in cleaning your granite worktop, do not use chemical solutions in removing stains and avoid putting direct heat on your countertop.

Peter Neng has more great advice on choosing white granite countertops and also has some thoughts on finding black granite countertops.

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