Soapstone Countertop – Why Soapstone is the Best Choice For Your Kitchen

Soapstone is one of the best countertop material. I don’t think I’ll ever installed any other kind of counter material beside Soapstone for the rest of my life.  Here’s why:

Soapstone Benefits

– Soapstone is non-porous which means it cannot stain and does not have to be sealed unlike granite which can stain.
– Soapstone will not crack if an extremely hot pot is put on it as it dissipates heat extremely well. Remember the black soapstone countertops in your Chemistry lab?
– Soapstone has a matte finish. It blends in with the rest of the kitchen instead of being the center of attention.
– Soapstone is easy to maintain. Scratches can be sanded out by hand.
– Soapstone will last a lifetime. Have you ever seen a 200 year old farmhouse? Most likely the counters are soapstone.

Soapstone Will Not Stain

Many countertop materials such as granite need to be sealed to prevent staining. Soapstone does not have that problem due to its density (20 lbs./sq ft); it just won’t absorb liquids meaning you don’t have to baby it.

Scratches Are Easily Removed

Soapstone Countertop, although very dense, is also soft to the touch (ground soapstone is talcum powder). It is soft enough that it can be scratched with a fingernail. While some people may see this as a problem, I see it as a benefit as you can just get a piece of fine sandpaper or steel wool and rub it out.

Maintaining and Oiling the Soapstone Countertop

Soapstone Countertop might beoiled with mineral oil to deepen the grays in to black and draw out any color veins in the stone. The only time We oil it’s 2 days prior to a party as I dislike clearing from the counters. I truly simply did this for the first yr until the oils from peoples’ hands normally darkened the stone and it wasn’t important any longer. Since soapstone is quite dense it won’t absorb applied nutrient oil or body oils, but over time and multiple applications it will form a molecular bond with the surface.Over time, the bond degrades and oil has to be reapplied unless, of course, there is lots of every day use and touching of the worktop. This is not like granite that will absorb a sealer.

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  1. Granite can be customized and professionally installed, but it’s also useable in precut and edged countertops.

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