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Saeco Xelsis and Syntia are available in the U.S.

Xelsis is the latest automatic coffee machines for home use by Saeco, the leader in the sector for the past 25 years.
As the name suggests, Xelsis is the expression of Saeco excellence. The perfect balance between essential and elegant design, cutting-edge technology and the greatest ease of use make this machine with its fine finish the company’s flagship, able to offer a wide range of coffee beverages with an always perfect taste.

With Xelsis, it is like having a coffee-bar in your home; you can quickly prepare nine different types of beverage, from espresso to weak black coffee, from cappuccino to latte, or simply produce hot water for tea, all with maximum flavour and with the Saeco best-quality guarantee. Each beverage can be easily personalised via the large display.


Xelsis truly offers the best in versatility: on top of the default Saeco setting, with Xelsis it is possible to create up to 6 personalised profiles, identified with simple markers (star, heart, four-leaf clover…). Every member of the family can choose his own and adapt every beverage to his own taste and produce it with a simple touch of the user interface or relative button.

Xelsis guarantees the widest possible personalisation: aroma, pre-infusion, temperature, length and cream of the coffee, as well as the quantity and creaminess of the milk can all be adapted to one’s taste and memorised as a setting – for each beverage and each profile.
For those who love the rich taste of cream, Saeco has designed a new system to whip milk: simply pour the milk into the special carafe and select the beverage required to obtain a perfect result in accordance to one’s preferences.


The milk carafe is perfectly integrated into the design and can be removed; it is easy to clean and store in the refrigerator and is fitted with the innovative and exclusive automatic cleaning system using steam at the end of each emulsion process.
Cappuccino, latte and every other tasty beverages using cream are easy to prepare, personalise, memorise and recall every time you want, and with the greatest ease of cleaning.
The full stainless steel version for the top model and fullmetal for the Black and White.

Flama espresso makers

The sleek black and silver Flama Zentrum 1250 FL espresso maker is equipped with a patented pressurized brew filter and stainless steel boiler, and will produce piping hot temperatures for a great espresso. Pump driven, 15-bar pressure system helps create a perfect layer of crema on every shot. The attractively styled high performance espresso maker also features cup warming plate, removable water tank and cappuccino attachment, so you can steam milk for lattes and mochas. Price is around € 100.


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