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The Ideal Coffee Machine for the Coffee Lover

Coffee machines are a machine that is found in all homes, dorms and offices of coffee drinkers. Different types of coffee machines are built to be used in different places; there are also coffee makers that can be used in a RV, a big rig and to take along with you when you go camping.
The different types of coffee machines in the market today have individual features in a variety of colors, size, price, size and finish. The different types of coffee machines found today are automatic, French press, expresso coffee maker, vacuum, stove top, drip coffee makers and the pod. These different coffee machines are found either as hot or cold brew coffee machines. Some coffee machines are a combination of both grinder and coffee making capabilities.

Nowadays, different companies manufacture different coffee makers; and these coffee machines are known by the company name like delonghi coffee machine, jura coffee machine, sunbeam coffee machine, breville coffee machine, saeco coffee machine and senseo coffee machine. You can find these coffee machines in different colors that include black, white, red and practically any color you want to match your interiors. They are also made of different materials ranging from plastic to stainless steel while most of them come with a shatterproof glass carafe.

You also find coffee machines in the market that produce more than twenty cups of coffee, called the commercial coffee machine. These coffee machines are best for use in commercial establishments like offices and stores. Different coffee machines have different features that may include frothing systems, electric timers, digital/programmable, thermostat, filters and warming plate. The price of the coffee maker varies according to your preference and functionality of the coffee machine.

When choosing the right coffee machine for yourself, you have to look for the coffee machine that first fits your budget. Then you have to consider if the coffee machine has all the features required to make the type of coffee you enjoy drinking like expresso or cappuccino. With the wide range of coffee machines in the market, you are sure to find the right coffee machine that creates coffee that suits your taste buds.

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Buying Coffee and Tea Makers Guide

The first problem in looking for coffee tea makers is you probably would not find one that states it can brew both coffee and tea. The fact is, there are no tea brewers, most of the brewers out there are designed for coffee. But, there are a few coffee machines that can do both coffee and tea equally well. The first one that you should know about is the French Press. They are easy to use, brew good quality coffee or tea and are priced reasonably.

The brewing method for tea and coffee is exactly the same. The first thing is to add in the hot water that is slightly below boiling point, placed the coffee grounds or tea leaves into the filter mesh, allow it to seep for a few minutes then press the coffee grounds or tea leaves. After that, simply pour out the beverage and enjoy it. Other than being very user friendly, it is also very easy to maintain, in fact, most of the French Press is dish washer friendly. And lastly, the pricing for these brewers are very reasonable.

If you find this procedure too complicated, how about pressing one button for your beverage? For an even simpler coffee and tea solution, it would have to be the single serve coffee maker. While no coffee maker ratings would highlight this as their strengths, single serve coffee makers are one of the rare coffee machines that are able to brew equally good coffee and tea.

However, not all the brands are able to do that, currently in the market, only 2 brands are able to do it exceptionally well. They are Keurig and Tassimo, both offers consumers a wide array of beverages, coffee and tea being just the two of them. Out of these two brands, I like Tassimo more because of its individual brewing system. On the back of all its coffee pods known as T-disc are a series of code. This code teaches the machines how to brew the beverage by changing the water temperature and water level to suit the type of beverage.

So, a cup of tea would definitely be brewed differently from a cappuccino. This allows you to enjoy the full flavor of the tea and coffee in exactly the conditions that it would be brewed in coffee shops. If you are someone that loves to drink coffee and tea, then this brewer would be my recommendation. There is another machine that is also able to dispense coffee and tea, but most of you would probably not purchase it -table top vending machine. They have been around longer than the single cup coffee brewers and strictly speaking should be considered the first one button machine.

They are very easy to use and easy to maintain but not many people would like the taste of freeze dried coffee and tea. Freeze dried beverages are similar to the instant coffee and tea that you can get from supermarket, so I doubt anyone would be paying money for a machine to dispense instant coffee! There you have it, a guide of the various types of brewers that can brew both coffee and tea and also my personal recommendation on the one which I think is better.

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