Slate Countertops Can Add Wonderful Texture To The Kitchen Design

What started out as a development in stone countertops that has been tied to essentially several kinds of stone mostly granite and marble has now developed to include many. Slate has been utilized over the years mainly for a roofing and also flooring material however somehow somewhere along the way, people has decided to polish it up and offer it for countertops.

Slate is One of the Softer Materials

Sure, over the years in some places it has been used for kitchen countertops but the fact is that there is better material, most particularly for kitchens. This does not mean that slate countertops don’t have their place, because they do. For instance, in a setting where its inherent softness can be tolerated they can work just fine.

Slate Countertops do Have their Place

Since slate is more affordable, thick slate sheets would certainly be considered a good idea to work with in an patio environment. Maybe on benches and tables in a backyard sitting area or around a backyard fire pit. In the house, slate might work great for fire place mantels and hearths and also on seats in a den maybe.

The Benefits of Using Slate

Its slates dark matte black, to brown, to red colors and reasonable price that make it so desirable. Also, due to its chemical composition it is highly resistant to chemical, such as vinegar stains if it is treated and maintained. Also, due to its solid matte finish chips dings and scratches are easily patched with a matching tone polymer patch.

Slate Kitchen Countertops? Other Options for Kitchen Countertops

For a kitchen setting there are just now so many better options that have almost the same look as slate kitchen.For example, brand new quarts cultured stone countertops certainly are a more effective option. They’re a lot harder, are available in a broad range of colors, are impervious to stains and are actually, made for kitchen use. ..

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