Maytag side by side fridge freezer

Big, stylish and Eco friendly, the new Maytag side by side fridge freezer offers the latest in refrigeration technology, capacity and convenience. Maytag MSS 20 FBB14 has 505 litre net capacity and is designed to keep food looking and tasting better for longer, so frequent trips to the supermarket will become a thing of the past. This side by side fridge freezer is among the most energy efficient refrigerators on the market, as it boasts an ‘A+’ energy rating, making it extremely economical for the consumer, as well as being friendlier to the environment. It uses up to 25% less energy than appliances with an ‘A’ energy class rating, and 45% less that those with a ‘B’ class rating.


Fitted with Maytag advanced electronic IntelliSense technology, the side by side fridge freezer uses special internal sensors to monitor and control the temperature to ensure better food conservation so food stays fresher for longer. It can also restore the required temperature, after the door has been opened, up to five times faster than a conventional fridge. Maytag innovative new in-door crisper, a handy temperature and humidity controlled pull down compartment inside the door, is great for storing your Five-a-Day fruit and vegetables. The fridge also keeps them fresher and crisper for longer. There are two additional refrigerated vegetable drawers that are very versatile and flexible, and one can also be set to a 0°C, which provides an additional benefit, being perfect for safely storing meat or fish for longer.

New side-by-side refrigeration from Whirlpool

Whirlpool has launched a new range of American-style side-by-side refrigeration line, designed for those who have an eye for perfection and beauty and believe that less is more. Leading the latest trend for deluxe and hi-tech minimalism, Whirlpool new refrigerators combine smart technologies with sleek, sophisticated, totally flat designs, which enhance the aesthetics of the kitchen, as well as the quality of life. Keeping abreast with the changing desires of consumers, who seek high performance packed with style, Whirlpool has also added a touch of innovation to the refrigerator appearance.


Changing the bulky shape of the American-style fridge, the new side-by-side refrigeration range offers a completely integrated design, smooth lines and a glass surface finish that succeeds in striking a high standard. This eye-catching appliance looks even more elegant with its iconic flush handles, and luxurious finish, adding elegance to the kitchen. The new side-by-side refrigerators combine their European-leading design flair with the advanced technology of Whirlpool. The range boasts a sheer reflective finish in dark mirror glass, perfectly in line with the Whirlpool Glamour aesthetics that includes ovens, hobs, microwave ovens and hoods. It also includes white, silver and a black finish for a stunning broader colour palette, with the surface finished in Luxilen, a high gloss and durable material resembling glass.

Samsung S P A C E refrigerator

The stylish S P A C E fits 700+ litres, almost 25 ft³ of storage, inside a 610 litre footprint. Using a revolutionary, ultra thin insulation technology that doesn’t compromise on cooling performance, this Samsung fridge is perfect for entertaining, and for families that buy enough food to feed an army. The side by side refrigerator is big on the inside without any change to the outside. And most importantly, you don’t need to change anything in your kitchen.


Samsung equipped the S P A C E refrigerator with its Twin Cooling Plus to deliver independent cooling of the fridge and freezer, ensuring the food kept at an optimal temperature and humidity for freshness. The Cool Select Zone is a 5-function cool drawer controlled separately by state-of-the-art technology. It thaws, chills or soft freezes at a flick of switch making your fridge space adapt to your lifestyle. You can now defrost food safely without leaving it out overnight or quickly cool a bottle of wine for a dinner party.

Ice & Water refrigerator from Fisher & Paykel

New Ice & Water refrigerator from Fisher & Paykel is the 17.6 cu.ft. EZKleen stainless steel fridge which design is heavily influenced by European appliance trends and innovations. Active Smart system has two variable speed fans which provide faster cooling and freezing with an even temperature throughout each level of the refrigerator. Active Smart continuously adjust the flow of cold air based on daily use and climatic conditions, ensuring it quickly reaches the safe temperature for maintaining freshness.

A revolutionary new finish, EZKleen is an invisible protective layer that enhances stainless steel appearance and enables you to clean this fridge with only a soapy water. The Humidity Control System is a slide control located on Humidity Control Lid allowing for humidity customisation in each side of the fruit and vegetable bin. Integrated water dispenser supplies you with chilled filtered water and an internal ice maker for clean, crisp ice cubes on demand. With no impact on space in the freezer or refrigerator door. Other features are adjustable glass shelves, refrigerator and freezer doors alarm, 2 humidity controlled half-width crisper bins, 2 egg trays, 3 clear freezer bins roll out freezer tray, bottle rack and electronic controls. New high-end Ice & Water refrigerator with bottom mounted freezer from Fisher & Paykel. See also Fisher & Paykel refrigerator.

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