Portable Refrigerator, Professional Food Storage For Your Home

Situation: You just finished buying groceries, and you see an old friend that you’d like to catch up with, but dang, you need to get back and get your milk, and ice cream back to the fridge before it spoils. Wouldn’t be great if you didn’t have to do that? Science and technology is finding new and better ways for us to take the conveniences of our home with us wherever we go.

One of the highest-rated portables is the Koolatron P20. It operates at 12V and connects (like many others) to your cigarette lighter. Its claim to fame is that it’s a lot less bulky compared to other mini’s. It can fit in between seats and other places in your car, and is easily accessible. You can fit up to 23 cans of your favorite soft drink in there! It can be set to keep the inside temperature at least 40 degrees colder than the outside world as well. It also has a unique cord wrap, and a place to seat the cigarette plug. But the best part is that it can also act as a warmer. If you set it to warm, it will also keep your food warm for you on the way to wherever you’re going.

As tested it performed quite well, cooling about 10+ degrees per hour. On a trip we purchased this cooler with the AC adapter option. We chilled it overnight, then in the morning stocked it with our drinks, and plugged it into the car adapter. It kept the drinks reasonably cool the entire time, and when we were ready to partake in what we chilled, we replaced with room-temperature drinks, and those chilled in a couple of hours.

Now for those worried about this unit draining the batteries on your car, you can get an optional battery saver that will shut off the unit if it starts over-draining your car battery. We’re still testing it out, but it looks to be a really nice feature. Price: $75-$85.

Magic Chef portable fridges are also a good brand. Get more FREE reviews at http://www.refrigeratorkitchen.com.

Have you ever forgot while you put some food on your refrigerator, and you get them decomposed while you need them, let’s forgot your conventional refrigerator. “Celcius” the Modular refrigerator designed by Angeline Meloche will give you any solution, it offers professional food storage for your home. Celcius refrigerator equipped with a touch-sensitive control panel on the door of each cabinet, which includes five temperature presets, gives users the ability to store food correctly, maintaining freshness and storage lifetime, also it displays food through double glazed and tinted doors, it will prevent to forgot with your food. Celcius comes with futuristic design, easy cleaning and maintain, its perfect for your modern homes.

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