Painting Laminate Countertops – The Basic Step To Do it

Black and White Kitchen – Simple steps to help you learn how to paint laminated counter tops.

If you have a stable laminated counter top, yet you want a change, you can learn about Painting Laminate Countertops to give a new lift to your counter space. Before you decide to tackle the project there are a few things you must understand.

Learning how to paint laminated counter tops is the easy part. What may be a bit difficult is changing your current habits after the project is complete. Painted laminated counter tops must be maintained with more care than standard laminate.

The strength and durability of the original laminate will be gone. The paint you’ll apply won’t be able to withstand scratches, nicks, cutting, and heat as your current laminated top does. Consider this point carefully before you decide you want to learn how to paint laminated counter tops. Sure, your new paint project will look great but it won’t stand up to daily living nearly as well as laminate.

Painting Laminate Countertops

Here are the basic steps of how to paint laminated counter tops.

  1. Clean the top thoroughly with detergent. After you’ve cleaned it, wipe it with denatured alcohol to remove any residual oils or grease.
  2. Sand the countertop with at least 120 grit sandpaper. This will give the laminate a slightly roughened feel. Without this step your paint won’t stick to the countertop properly and you’ll have cracking and peeling.
  3. If there are nicks or gouges, you’ll want to fill them with sand-able wood filler.
  4. The next step is to apply primer/sealer. This allows the paint to adhere better and reduces the chances of peeling or chipping.
  5. Use an oil based paint and apply with a short nap roller to get a smooth finish. Don’t apply one heavy coat. You’ll need to apply two thin coats of paint.
  6. If you’re willing to spend a little more on paint, you can use two-part paint like bathtub refinishers use. They are designed to be sprayed. These types of paint are more expensive but are more durable and don’t need a primer.

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Painting Laminate Countertops

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