Modern Kitchen Designs – Decorating With Modern Black Kitchen Cabinets

You might want a change but you just can’t afford to replace your kitchen cabinets. Instead, you can refinish them with a little paint or stain to get almost any look under the sun. Here are a few tips for decorating with modern, contemporary or black kitchen cabinets. Going with a bold color choice ensures that all of your hard work gets noticed.

Add in an air of elegance. You might feel like your black cabinets will be depressing or even cave like. You can give them an air of luxury. You might want to install a few mini crystal chandeliers over the island instead of typical pendant lights.

You can also upgrade your countertops for a high end look by going with a granite or marble. A lot of stone colors have flecks of black or gray in them. Carerra marble is a white stone with gray lines and it’s a staple in traditional and classic design. This will help you rethink the way you feel about black kitchen cabinets. Another upgrade that will transform your room is through the use of stainless steel appliances. This will also help bounce light around the room so the space isn’t so dark.

Modern kitchen cabinets are simple. You’ll want to take off any molding or wood appliques from the doors. You want to get them as close to a flat panel as possible. This even means eliminating the hardware. If you want cabinet pulls then go with an oversized stainless piece that runs almost the entire length of the door. These pulls are more expensive than smaller pulls but they’ll really make a design statement and match any stainless steel appliances.

Install an island and include pendant lights. You can even make the pendant lights have glass orb shades that look like sculptures. Then you can bring in bold accessories such as a hot pink blender or a bowl of oranges or limes on the countertop for an inexpensive centerpiece. You can coordinate all of the different colors in your room with black foil wallpaper for elegance. These prints can be overpowering so just use them on one wall which will also save you money. Carry the theme throughout your room. Modern kitchen cabinets can be the inspiration for your entire room. Keep the rest of your surfaces sleek, shiny and dramatic.

When you install modern kitchen cabinets it changes the entire feel of your room. You might even be able to keep that retro tile if you freshen up other elements in your room. It’s a cost effective way to totally transform your kitchen.

Learn more about black kitchen cabinets. Stop by Sara Gilmore’s articles where you can find out all about modern kitchen cupboards.

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