What Kitchen Design Layout is Best?

To some people the design layout of their kitchen is something that they have no control over. Your room may be structured in such a way that means you can’t change the general layout of it, in other cases you could be free to play around with what you feel would work best within your room. So whether you are moving home or just generally remodelling your room how do you choose the right layout?

Straight line, island and U shape as well as L shape are the main examples of the design layouts that are available to you when it comes to kitchens. Each of these have advantages and disadvantages attached to them, but the best way to choose the one that you decide to have in your home is to apply each of these to your personal circumstances and your personal taste. So let’s take a closer look at the different styles that are available to you.

An L and U shaped layout have a lot of similarities as both of them allow you to make use of the working triangle as all appliances such as your cooker, sink and fridge are located close to each other. Within these designs as well, depending on the scale of the room, you could fit a table and chairs, in an L shaped room this could be opposite the corner of the L and in a U shaped room this could be directly opposite your sink at the open end of the U. A big disadvantage to both of these layouts is the corner. When you have cabinets that are set in a corner it can be difficult to open them, which is why in some cases you may have to have special doors attached to not only ensure they open correctly but to also ensure that you can fully get into the cabinet.

L and U shaped layouts are two of the most common designs when it comes to kitchens. They are commonly seen within households as they are the easiest to fit into the shape that you are presented with. However if you are lucky enough to have a large kitchen then you may want to think further a field than an L or U shaped design; you have a lot more options open to you, one of which is an island shape.

Island designs look amazing in the right size room and in the past few years they have become highly popular. However I can’t stress enough how important it is that you have a decent sized room in order to install this layout as they take up a lot more space than you may first realise. There is one other occasion in which you could opt to have this design, which is if you have an open plan dinning and kitchen area. This is a great way to separate the two rooms as well as maximising your kitchen space. As I previously mentioned there are always advantages and disadvantages attached to layouts and in the case of an island design you could end up suffering cramped aisles and not enough space to sufficiently get into your cabinets.

Just as U and L shaped designs are similar, so are gallery and straight line designs. A straight line design is pretty much self explanatory; it is a design where all of your appliances and cabinets are located in a single row. A gallery is only different for the fact it has two of these rows opposite each other. Both of these styles are perfect for smaller rooms where the layouts are restricted.

The best kitchen design layout that you can choose depends on your room, as you can see from the above. So make sure that when you are deciding which design layout to choose you keep this piece of advice in mind as this way you are sure to make the most informed decision.

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