Choosing The Right Kitchen Cabinet Hinges

Kitchen cabinet hinges? I know what you’re thinking. You’ve spent hours and hours choosing everything from a paint or stain color to the right wood to the perfect design for your cabinets. Now you need to worry about hinges, too? It sounds annoying. Maybe even a little onerous. Nonetheless, it’s true. You really do need to think about your hinges.

Kitchen cabinet hinges are an important part of the overall equation and you’ll be doing yourself a disservice if you don’t make a smart choice. There is good news, though. Choosing the right hinges isn’t rocket science and the other choices you’ve already made will allow you to select the right hinges quickly. So, while you really can’t ignore the choice of the right hinges, there’s no reason for you to lose sleep over the matter, either.

Here are few things you should keep in mind when looking for the ideal kitchen cabinet hinges.

First, think in terms of your kitchen’s overall design plan. If your cabinets will feature visible hinges, you’ll want them to blend with your overall choice of style. If you’re creating a kitchen that’s reminiscent of a lodge or cabinet, the flourishes of an ornate brass hinge just won’t fit. Those pursuing a traditional design will want to stay away from the shiny stainless steel and bold, squared design associated with the modern look.

Second, marry your hinges to your pulls and handles. The kitchen cabinet hinges should be perfect matches in terms of style and design with the handles and pulls you choose. If they don’t match, you’re going to create a rather strange and inconsistent look. If you need guidance in selecting a hinge, just look at your handles.

Third, remember that function is important. You need to create a kitchen that will really work for you. That means you need to be able to open the doors easily and that you want something likely to last. You need to think in terms of how wide hinges will open and the impact that will have on reaching spaces within the cabinets. You’ll also want to think about whether your hinges will allow doors to bang against one another if they’re extremely open. You want your cabinets to last indefinitely. That means you need to choose quality kitchen cabinet hinges that are large and strong enough to support the doors for years to come.

Kitchen cabinet hinges aren’t the most important part of kitchen design. However, they do make a significant impact on the room’s appearance. They are important enough to justify your close attention and consideration. If you think in terms of overall design, your cabinet handles and functionality, it shouldn’t be particularly difficult for you to identify the best possible kitchen cabinet hinges for your project.

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