60cm fully integrated dishwasher with 13 place settings

The De Dietrich DVH640JU1 is the top of the range 60cm fully integrated dishwasher with 13 place settings. Rated ‘AAA’, with 10 litre water consumption, it is also super quiet at 43dB, one of the quietest dishwashers on the market. This makes it perfect for use in an open plan kitchen diner as it is so quiet it can barely be heard over the sound of conversation. Will perfectly fit into existing 60cm slot to substitute your existing integrated dishwasher. As with all the dishwashers in the range, the DVH640JUI features De Dietrich ICS technology where double sensors will detect how dirty the dishes are and will set the correct programme, duration and detergent level to ensure optimal consumption and energy and it will validate the result as well. By setting all these parameters it means that all the user has to do is press the right button and the machine will do the rest


This 60cm fully integrated dishwasher also features 7 programmes with 6 temperatures. There are 2 new unique programmes in the DVH640J, a Crystal programme specially dedicated to delicate wine glasses and champagne flutes. This works at 45°, with a final rinse at a low temperature to ensure the delicate items are not bleached by corrosion and are glistening when removed. The powerful Boost programme is designed for ultra dirty dishes and pans, the first dedicated programme for cleaning pans on the market. Using a 50° prewash, and a 70° intensive wash, followed by a hot rinse, the 80% increased water pressure from the newly designed Triple Aquajet spray arm ensures the most efficient wash cycle with superb results. This fully integrated dishwasher also features excellent touch controls with an LCD display and will auto diagnose any anomalies that arise in the machine, with audible signals. As dishwasher tablets are gaining popularity over liquid detergent and powder, it features a special Multitab 4-in-1 option, to obtain the optimum performance when using this type of detergent for any programme used in the machine.

Miele dishwashers from new G 5000

The new generation of 60cm Miele dishwashers, the G 5000 Series combines ease of use, performance, modular design and advanced technology. Packed with innovative features and programs, Miele G 5000 offers solutions for the most demanding consumer, built on the company expertise and design know-how, developed and tested over the last 20 years. From kitchen decor standpoint, these Miele dishwashers will prove to be irresistible, due to the straight lines and understated elegance.


Miele reengineered interior so G 5000 dishwashers are capable of handling more than you can expect from a standard 60cm wide 14-place setting dishwasher. At the opening, you are greeted by an exclusive brilliant light from four LEDs for easy loading and unloading of the dishes. Redesigned white or stainless steel basket handles, innovative 3D cutlery drawer, folding central tray for an extra depth to accommodate larger objects, new racks and trays and powerful 3 arm wash make any of the G 5000 Miele dishwashers a simple and practical addition to your modern kitchen. And all models can be connected directly to hot water for significant energy savings and are rated ‘AAA’ for energy, washing and drying.

Wall mounted dishwasher from Siemens

The new Siemens wall mounted dishwasher fits perfectly with your built-in oven or coffee machine and is available in two models – the 45cm tall SK75M531EU with 6 place settings and the 60cm tall SC76M531EU with 8. The stainless steel speedMatic dishwasher can also be mounted under the counter if you prefer so, and is quiet with noise level at around 45 dBA. It comes with 6 programs and 5 cleaning temperatures, including Intensive 70°, Auto 45°-65°, Eco 50°, Soft 40°, Fast 45° and pre-rinse.


Siemens also equips this wall mounted dishwasher with advanced hydraulic system, aqua sensor, loading sensor, detergent refill indicator, power door lock and incorporates 4 special features such as Intensive Zones, Vario speed, Extra Dry and Hygienic functions. And the environmentally concerned consumers will be glad to learn that speedMatic Eco 50° program consumes only 8.5 liters of water and 0.74 kWh of electricity during the 160-minute program.

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