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Nobody knows heat like we know heat. Somewhere in the evolution of gourmet ranges, the “professional-looking” range became synonymous with true professional restaurant cooking. But only one home appliance manufacturer is actually in world-class restaurant kitchens, DCS Appliances. Perhaps it’s because they’re obsessed with perfect heat. So if you desire to equip your kitchen with restaurant proven equipment, we envite you to explore this section and learn more about DCS Appliances.

DCS Grills

Dynamic Cooking Systems (DCS) began operations in 1989 with appliance engineers and designers that were at the top of their fields throughout the country. Before becoming a leader in the industry with their outdoor DCS grills, the company began with high-end drop-in cook tops that would become the envy of any commercial establishment. They produced high performance ranges, convection ovens, broilers, and griddles for the food service industry.

As a complement to the outdoor barbecue, DCS created outdoor gas heaters so that the experience could be enjoyed year-round. In 2004, Fisher and Paykel Appliances bought DCS as an innovator in the industry, and brought along manufacturing facilities worldwide. Their products come from over forty countries. Over two thousand storefronts offer the products and over one thousand service organizations are supported.

DCS Cooktops

How will you know if a cooking appliance is for you? The answer is really easy. You have to do your homework. The internet is the best place to find the perfect product that can meet your needs and requirements. The DCS Cooktops offers a wide range of cooking appliances that will not only suit your needs but your budget as well.

The Kitchenaid electric cooktop, Maytag MGC5430 gas cooktop, and Frigidaire Cooktops are recognized brands and models of cooktops but if you think that DCS is for you, you still need to choose among their product lines. With the duel flow burners, all Cooktops from DCS can be set to ultra low flame which makes it easy to cook or simmer sauces. Cooking food will be very exciting and fun since the cooktops can come with griddles or grills. This makes it possible for you to cook barbecue and other foods.

DCS Ranges

As a chef, the quality of your heat is more important than the quality of your pan. Nothing initiates, controls or arrest heat as powerfully and precisely as a DCS range.

Turn on the broiler in other residential ranges and the burner starts emitting “convected” heat into the rest of the oven. After a few minutes your precious steak begins to bake, not broil. Not so at DCS. They put their broiler behind glass, which has been proven to cook more quickly and at a higher temperature than convected heat.

DCS Dishwashers

DCS was founded in 1989 by the leading appliance engineers and designers in the country. Leveraging their expertise in high end cooking equipment, DCS entered the commercial cooking market with high-performance, heavy-duty ranges, convection ovens, broilers, griddles, and countertops for the foodservice industry. They expanded into a full line of commercial quality ranges. Developing the next generation of ultra high-end, professional-style cooking equipment for the home. In October 2004, Fisher & Paykel Appliances acquired DCS. Fisher & Paykel, seen as the innovator in the appliance industry, has state of the art manufacturing facilities in New Zealand and Australia.
The Fisher & Paykel brand is a household name in Australia and New Zealand, and a premium brand delivering innovative design and technology to over 40 countries worldwide. Today, working from their 300,000+ square foot headquarters and factory in Huntington Beach, California, Fisher & Paykel and DCS continue to redefine the standard for high- end, commercial quality cooking equipment in kitchens and decks around the world. In North America DCS is sold through a network of over 2,500 storefronts and supported by over 1,500 service organizations.

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