Black Microwave Ovens, The Fashionable Choice?

When looking to buy a kitchen   such as a microwave, it is increasingly common for its colour to be one of the key deciding factors. In this article we look at the increase in popularity of black appliances, and whether a black microwave will fit in with your kitchen.

Will A Black Microwave Suit My Kitchen?

Items such as televisions have always been popular in black, but a recent trend has shown that an increasing number of customers are now looking for black kitchen appliances. Over the past few decades items such as fridges, freezers, ovens and microwaves have most commonly been produced in white – hence the phrase ‘white goods’, but this is all starting to change.

Since the turn of the century trends have begun to change. This can primarily be attributed to the rise in popularity of house design-related television programmes, which have a tendency to break away from the norm and do something a little different. This has resulted in increased demand and production of black microwaves, red ovens, pink fridges and other ‘unusual’ colours of kitchen appliance.

The Contemporary Look

The contemporary look has become increasingly popular in homes up and down the country, as householders attempt to mimic the sleek, minimalist look of New York penthouses and modern apartment living. A common choice in this field is for dark coloured appliances and light coloured units – essentially a role-reversal on traditional styles. In this style of design black microwave ovens are common.

The Family Kitchen

Although many people like the idea of having matching appliances, in today’s tough economic climate a complete kitchen re-fit is not always an option. When a particular appliance finally packs up, families that are working to a budget often have to make do with the cheapest replacement available. For these people function is the key and the colour of their microwave is irrelevant.

The Farmhouse Kitchen

The ‘farmhouse kitchen’ look has longer been a popular choice, even for those that do not live in the countryside. This appearance is characterized by many units, cupboards and often a breakfast bar, all constructed of heavy woods. The main thing for people with this design is that the appliances have to match; a black microwave oven is an option, but only if placed alongside a black oven, black fridges and a black freezer. Silver is the most common choice alongside lighter-coloured wood, and black more common with darker woods.

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