Black Granite Countertops – Not Just For Men

Black is often associated with the male population. No wonder, you’ll find black granite countertops in most bachelors’ pads. It is no surprise since black exudes masculinity and is easier to maintain than other lighter shades where stains and dirt are very visible.

Then again, black isn’t restricted to men alone. As a matter of fact, you will find black countertops in lot of houses, workplaces, as well as commercial establishments. A lot of women even like using them particularly in the bath rooms.

So why are black granite countertops a popular choice not just for men? Here’s why:

• Black is classy
Aside from its durability, the color of black granite alone exudes class and style. There’s something about black that makes it always fashionable. Other colors come and go but black remains in style. Since it is granite, rest assured that it will retain its original color even as years go by.

• Black is practical
If you always worry about having a dirty kitchen as seen on the surface of your floor and countertops, you should use black granite countertops. Black is so dark that stains and dusts are not that visible to the eye especially when you have a surprised visitor dropping by your kitchen. However, it still requires cleaning and maintenance every now and then.

• Black granite is easy to combine with other colors
Black is also a neutral color which makes it easier to mix and match especially with lighter shades like white, beige, and ivory.

Black granite countertops are popular. You also might have these in your own home. Before you do so, try to picture if it will appear excellent inside your kitchen and bathroom. Simply because they will look great on others does not indicate they’ll achieve this in your house.

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    Granite Countertops are still the most popular countertop choice in upper class market.

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