Black Dishwasher – Make a Strong Design Statement

Black kitchen appliances such as a refrigerator, oven or black dishwahers, make a strong design statement. Decorating a kitchen in a complimentary way helps to show off black colored appliances. Here are some design tips for decorating a kitchen with black appliances.

A black dishwaher, microwave oven , refrigerator or other appliance looks strong and bold. Reflect the strong modern look of black appliances with clean lines in the kitchen. Dark color appliances such as Black Dishwaher allow you to accentuate contemporary style. You can accomplish this by decorating with strong boxy furniture, such as a table or kitchen island. Also, black looks great with color. Instead of the usual white or cream furnishings, try using an unusual color such as turquoise or lavender for a dynamic, bold look.

Black appliances have strong visual impact, so it is important to counterbalance the dark color with other light areas in the kitchen. If using coordinating colors, opt for light shades, rather than dark ones. Make sure the room has plenty of light to prevent it from looking too heavy. Simple, light colored walls compliment the strong shape of black appliances. Although you may wish to avoid using to many other dark colors, a few other black or dark accents can be very effective. For instance, a modern black table can look very stylish with black appliances.

Avoid using too many ‘fussy’ design accents in a kitchen with black appliances. For instance, clean cut Roman blinds fit better with the modern look than elaborate lacy curtains. Similarly, floors with a simple, graphic design work well. For example, light colored square tiles and wood floors reflect the strong look of black appliances.

The chrome accents on black appliances are especially noticeable with the black color. Whether you opt for silver or brass colored chrome handles and dials, continue with the same color of metal throughout the room. Use the same color of metal for sink taps and handles, refrigerator and oven handles. This ties the room together.

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