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My name is Johnny Leonard from Indonesia and love design Interior.Actually architecture was my major. I love the use of Black and white color on my design. The use of white and black in decorating can create a stunning and dramatic decor. I can take advantage of the combination of these two simple colors to maximize your decorating statement.

There’s a rule in decorating that says that “every room can use a touch of black.” You might think this is strange if you have a room of pastels or jewel tones. But think a minute.

Using the color black adds a focal point of color that grounds, anchors, and adds a sophisticated look to a room.

Black in accessories, light fixtures, trims, paint, or in one bold piece of furniture will help to catch the eye and sharpen any decorating scheme. It will serve as an outline that sets off specific areas or objects. Black by itself is striking!

But to get real drama and spark, pair black with white.

The use of black and white in decorating gives a fresh, clean, and unquestionably sophisticated and elegant look to any room.

Black and white are a perfect color combination for any decorating style. Contemporary interiors often combine black and white with sleek metals. Country French decorating is often set off with this color combination.

If you’re afraid of using just black and white, add variety by adding areas of yellow, pink, camel, red, or purple for a striking look. Keeping black and white prominent, however, preserves the elegant effect.

But on this website specialized talking about black and white color for kitchen.

Where is Best to Use Black and White collors  for kitchen design? Anywhere is great. It seems like a sweeping statement, but black and white kitchen look great as a black floor can make the white kitchen surfaces look even brighter and cleaner. In Kitchens, a black and white checked floor has always been classed a modern home decor and as a result it looks great.

Black and White Kitchen Floor – Choosing to go with a black and white color palette in the kitchen is a great idea. Checkered tile flooring can be found in many restaurants and diners and makes a cute accent piece in the home. By pairing a black and white checkered floor with white walls and bold, black cabinetry – you’ll create a fun and modern looking black and white kitchen without having to match colors or search for the perfect shade of wallpaper. Another advantage of having black and white colors in the kitchen is that you can quickly identify spills and easily clean them up.

Graphical Backgrounds – If you really want to push the boat out, create a symphony of color with black and white for you kitchen. Being brave with modern kitchen decor will set your kitchen apart from others and show you personality through decoration. Having a black and white base on the walls, whether it is striped or block colors on alternating walls, you will have a great mix of felling. The dark walls will give a sense of the walls feeling narrower, but the white walls, will reflect light and give that space back.

Kitchen Islands – Whether you own a modern kitchen or a country kitchen, islands in white will look very stylish. White gives a versatile as well as bright look to the kitchen and with the use of white islands, you can regain a new look to your kitchen.

You can thus make your rooms look modern as well as fashionable with the white colored kitchen islands. You can go either for the brightest white or the mute shades of white according to your taste. Decorate your kitchen in such a way that you can link your islands with the overall aspects of your room.

Kitchen Appliances – Black may or may not be your color preference, but it works very well with appliances. Why? It tends to blend well with just about everything. It goes well with wood or tile floors. It blends really well with stainless steel and marble tops. When in doubt, black appliances can always be a fall back position.

I don’t have to tell you that appliances are expensive. You need to get it right the first time you buy them. All and all, that usually means going conservative is the best option when it comes to picking colors.

Black, White Or Stainless? – If you are a stainless person, then Im sure that you have a bit more money to spend. Stainless is usually about 1.5 times as much in cost as the traditional black and white. It does look very good and with the right touch in the right kitchen, you can create something that looks spectacular. Stainless steel appliances and black granite go very well together.

If you like white appliances, They are just very basic looking and don’t add a whole lot to a room. We all have had white appliances but most of the time as we get old, we for some reason or another transition from white to black to stainless it seems like. Most of the people that have stainless steel appliances that I know are much older than myself. Its really quite interesting when you think that age has something to do with the kind of appliances that you pick out, but it is what it is.

Whether you choose black, white, or stainless, its all the same really. The goal is to keep things cold and cook things, so in the end, just make sure it works!

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