Wine cooler appliances are meant to temporarily store wine so you are only going to want to keep your wine in the wine cooler for a few weeks or a month or two not years. Since wine cooler appliances come in a variety of sizes calculating how much wine you are likely to consume during a month will help you decide on the size of wine cooler you will need.

Space For The Appliance – Once you determine how large of a cooler you will need then you need to see if you have the proper amount of space for that size of a cooler in your kitchen or wherever you plan on placing it. If you only have space for a cooler that holds 12 bottles of wine and want to store two or three dozen you may either have to settle for storing fewer bottles at a time or find a place where a larger cooler will fit comfortably.

Single or Dual Temperature – Red and white wine need to be kept at different temperatures so if you enjoy both and plan on keeping both cold then you are going to need a wine cooler appliance that has dual temperature controls so that you can keep both wines at the correct temperatures. If you plan on only storing one type of wine then a single control cooler will work well.

Shelving – Not all bottles of wine are the same size so finding a cooler with adjustable shelves is a must unless you are planning on staying with only one type of wine. There are many coolers that have adjustable shelving and finding one that will fit your needs is relatively simple.

Tinted Door – UV rays can ruin a good bottle of wine even if it is in a cooler so having a tinted door especially if your cooler is in a sunny room is important. Make sure that the tint is designed to block the sun’s UV rays.

Finish – Choosing a finish that matches your other kitchen appliances may not be important to keeping your wine cool but, it is essential to the aesthetics of your home. Choose a finish that matches or at least compliments the other appliances or furniture in the room where the cooler will be kept.

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